UB in the News


Good Morning America interviews Vanessa Barnabei下载49彩票网站, about women turning to doctors on TikTok for health information. 


An article in The Buffalo News quotes Timothy Murphy下载49彩票网站 about how the grant will help UB improve medical care in Buffalo and beyond.


An article in Yahoo News quotes Jim Campbell about how the "tide" of the U.S. presidential election could be turning for "leftists." 


An article in Futurity.org reported on Daniel J. Kruger's下载49彩票网站 research that found that frequent cannabis users, when quizzed about their beliefs on whether the drug is effective in treating certain medical conditions, failed.


UB researchers are in 下载49彩票网站 story about how cutting-edge medical research is thriving in Western New York, which highlights the work of UB health sciences researchers.


A story in the Buffalo News’ annual Prospectus section interviewed UB President Satish K. Tripathi下载49彩票网站 about the substantial progress made on UB 2020.


USA Today quoted Diana Aga, in an article that reported on a study by an environmental watchdog group that found heightened levels of potentially toxic PFAS in tap water supplies serving dozens of major America cities.


An article in The Economist about technology that can identify people at a distance by their heartbeat mentions that a team led by Xu Wenyao.


Refinery29 article interviewed R. Lorraine Collins下载49彩票网站 about a report that revealed there has been a staggering increase in the number of women dying from alcohol-related causes.


Medical Express reports that UB researcher Christopher McNorgan下载49彩票网站 has developed a computer model of the human brain that more realistically simulates brain impairment than existing methods.