Elizabeth Otto’s “Haunted Bauhaus”

Portrait of Friedl Dicker and the cover of Elizabeth Otto's book.

下载49彩票网站portrait of friedl dicker (left) and the cover of “haunted bauhaus: occult spirituality, gender fluidity, queer identities, and radical politics.“

elizabeth otto, a professor of art history, is the author of the new book, in this installment of into the blue, otto shares the story of friedl dicker, a multitalented artist and teacher, who used the german art school’s innovative methods to help heal children during one of europe’s darkest periods.

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About Elizabeth Otto

Potrait of Elixabeth Otto.

下载49彩票网站elizabeth “libby” otto is an art and cultural historian whose research centers on early 20th-century visual and media culture, with a focus on europe.

下载49彩票网站an expert in modern art, dada, surrealism, cubism and gender, otto has investigated topics including the history of new media, film, gender and photography, and media culture.

下载49彩票网站she co-edited “the new woman international: photographic representations, from the 1870s through the 1960s,” and “passages of exile,” which takes a closer look at routes of exodus as spaces of artistic, filmic and literary resonance from the 20th century to the present.

otto has also published extensively on the bauhaus, widely considered to be 20th-century europe’s most influential art institution. her books on this topic—including those co-authored or co-edited with colleagues—range from “haunted bauhaus,” which challenges conventional understandings of the bauhaus, to “bauhaus women: a global perspective” and “bauhaus bodies: gender, sexuality, and body culture in modernism’s legendary art school.”

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